Digital Marketing

Businesses of all sizes rely on Digital Advertising to communicate and connect with consumers. From Google, to  Facebook, to LinkedIn, to Twitter and Instagram, people  consume media differently across multiple devices. From Mobile, to Tablet, to Desktop, consumer usage and behavior changes dramatically, so mapping the customer journey is critical to successful Digital Marketing.

Adaptive Analytics Technology

Acuitive’s Adaptive Analytics utilizes powerful technology to successfully interpret massive amounts of data, and convert it into profitable results for businesses.

Acuitive’s tools maps the customer’s journey across the internet and applies “real-time’” asynchronous targeting rules for Social, Pay-Per-Click, SEO, Video Ads, Retargeting, Geo-fencing and Location Targeting, based on device and interest for maximum results. No more guesswork!

Building Campaigns with
the Purchasing Funnel

How do each of our products fit into the consumer purchasing funnel?