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Local Business Case Studies

The first thing Roberta Goode, President and CEO of the former Goode Consulting International said to us during our first meeting was, “When Medical Device Manufacturers get into trouble with the FDA, we are the first call they make.” She explained that the company, based in Pembroke Pines, FL was a premier Compliance Consultant in the Medical Device industry. Competing in a niched space, it was very difficult to define themselves and present their value proposition. After many days of meeting, and digging into their business we arrived at a plan. The first issue was their name. It didn’t define their business immediately to potential prospects and customers. So we recommended they change their name to Goode Compliance for two reasons, (1) Because that’s what they did, and (2) we loved the play on the word “good” from a compliance perspective. From there we launched a complete rebranding of the company from color scheme, to logo, to website and social media. It was a transformative execution of a plan to help them to become market leaders.
“I need my phone to ring!” That was the most important edict from Todd Wolf, CEO of A&S Total Cleaning. His company was a growing Commercial Janitorial Cleaning service out of Deerfield Beach, Florida. They employed 90 cleaning techs, and Todd realized that B2B Decision Makers were largely moving online to research and engage with service companies like his. After working with several different companies to boost his digital profile and not generating much in the way of results, Todd reached out to us. After analyzing his online presence and internal processes, we realized that Todd was generating very few web based leads, and of those leads, very few were the type of commercial jobs that would rapidly grow their business. So over the next 24 months we undertook a three-pronged approach that encompassed: Paid and Organic Search, Website redesign and overhaul, and Social Media marketing that helped A&S grow to over 400 techs and Todd being recognized by the Deerfield Beach CoC as “Small Business Owner of The Year.” Find out for yourself what strategies and tactics we implemented to help A&S double their business.
Tires On Site, based in Davie, Florida had made significant investments in their website and spent thousands of dollars on traditional marketing channels to launch a fledgling Mobile Tire retail business. The company had two sales channels, commercial vehicle customers and retail consumers who traditionally bough tires at local tire shops. Adam Silverman, Principal Partner, was convinced that their “We come to you!” Value proposition would resonate with buyers, if only those buyers could find them online. After finding little success with their existing web company, Adam approached us to help them monetize their Paid Search Marketing and generate leads. After carefully and critically analyzing their Paid Search campaigns, we realized their message was cluttered, oblique and poorly targeted. They were saying the same things to two completely different buying groups, and not presenting their unique value proposition effectively. So, we adjusted the messaging, separated the campaign into B2B and B2C categories, created a re-targeting campaign for previous website visitors, and relaunched their paid search campaigns. In the first 60 days, we tripled the number of web site visitors and helped Tires On Site to consecutive record sales month, which led them to increase their investment in Paid Search marketing.
William Cole had built an extremely successful, Winter Park, Fl based Real Estate development and investment company over two decades. The Cole name was a brand in Central Florida, but the challenge was,”How do we more deeply engage with a broader array of Investors, Buyers, Developers and Brokers to take our business to the next level.” So, the team dug in. After carefully analyzing all aspects of their business, we realized that they needed a complete Branding Campaign. So we got to work designing and building a new responsive website, creating a new corporate logo, redefining their 3D Architectural Renderings, Design Visualization, Conceptual Renderings, 3D Animations and Photo Montages. We crafted an online profile and message that clearly defined their value proposition, targeted specifically to their desired audience. By bringing together all facets of their business under one digital umbrella, ColeDev is able to more effectively engage with their targeted constituencies to grow sales volumes and increase profits. You can learn more about our strategic approach to taking ColeDev from a local well regarded business, to a multi-local regional player here.