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You Need A Mission Statement

A mission statement is an important business tool that every company should take the time to develop. It gives clear definition for what your company does, is going to do, and what it is going to be (both operationally and culturally). Additionally, the mission statement is used as a company guide that aids leadership in making tough decisions about what kinds of projects to take on, what kinds of work to do and which people to hire. Contact Acuitive Digital today and see how we can help you establish your Mission Statement Dan Bernadel and Ian Adams founded Acuitive Digital in 2011 to dynamically reimagine how businesses digitally connected with customers. Communications Concepts, Inc., {CCI} was started 40 years ago by Jim Lewis. To commemorate CCI’s fortieth anniversary, Acuitive and CCI have partnered to  produce a series of forty short videos to share tips on how businesses can survive, adapt and prosper  in today’s demanding digital landscape. We hope that these short videos provide important information that helps other organizations start, or stay in business for a long time. Let’s take Ford for example. In Sept 2006, Alan Mulally took over Ford while they were expecting a loss of $17B and on the road to bankruptcy. Alan’s big push was to get Ford back to their core business and he leaned heavily on their mission statement to do it....

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