Be a Consultant and not a Seller?

A critical part of the services we provide our clients is working with their sales reps to help them better position Digital Products to Local Businesses. This often requires us to be in the field interacting with Local Business owners.

The question I hear more often than any other from Local Business owners when in the field is this: “How do I convert more of my leads into sales?” Most salespeople are uncomfortable answering this question. WHY? They’re there to sell PPC, or SEO, or Social Media or a new website, or some other Digital Product offering because customers are “Online looking for your business right now Mr. Customer.” And that question forces them to “overcome objections”. OUCH.

They’re always surprised when my first response is always “I’m glad you asked.” Why? Because I get excited when a prospect tells me they want to buy, but need more information. What objection?

It’s important to first understand why you’re being asked that question. Your prospect views you as THE EXPERT, and is relying on you to help them make the most of their investment. You’ve now moved from SELLER to CONSULTANT, and that is the most valuable role you have with any customer. Isn’t it cool when your prospect’s question says “Hey, I trust you. Now help me make a good decision.” That’s the GOLDEN GRAIL of sales.

So, to return to the original question. Converting leads into sales really depends on the business. This is where the real consultative work begins. Is the prospect B2B or B2C? Do they need the phone to ring or the turnstile to swing? Do they have a “Google-friendly” website? What is their product or service? Who is their ideal customer? What is their average ticket? What does their customer journey look like? What is their customer experience like? What does their website say about them? I could keep going. See where I’m going with this?

By taking the prospect down the “rabbit hole” of discovery, you can now CONSULTATIVELY recommend services that help them (a) map their customer journey, (b) understand their customer experience, and (c) better provide the product/service that converts more of their leads into sales at the right time in the shoppers buying cycle. Oh. And the same goes for you as well. It all fits elegantly and perfectly together. So STOP SELLING and START CONSULTING and watch your sales numbers soar.