Why Don’t My SEO Tactics Get the Same Results?

Have you ever heard of the definition of madness?
In a nutshell, it essentially refers to doing the same things but expecting different results. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the same applies to your SEO tactics.

While some old SEO tactics like, quality content, blogging and proper HTML tagging still work, older tactics such as keyword stuffing, exact match domains, automated link building and indiscriminate guest blogging {no, not me!} have become obsolete.

My advice?
Focus on the end user, not the bots! {Bots won’t be doing business with you! Users will!} Traditionally, SEO experts focused so much on bot attention, they focused less on designing for the end users. In 2018 SEO bots have become so smart that they can effortlessly determine if a site is deploying too many SEO strategies only catered to bots. The byproduct of this strategy is less usability for users which search engine algorithms tend to discount. In 2018 the best strategy is to develop quality, relevant content with a great user experience that people want to consume. And, don’t forget, if you want to also get better local search results, you need to make sure that your publicly listed business information is the same on all local directories and especially on Google Places. Inconsistencies in public information listed about your business can cause penalties with google search results.

How will Voice Search Impact SEO Strategy?
Mobile to desktop search create different interaction as with searchers. The same is true for Voice Search. We’ve learned that voice searches are usually more conversational, which require slightly more intelligence in the search devices being used. Traditional SEO keyword focus is still very important. However, voice search will prove more value to long-tailed keywords and conversational writing styles for content building. Also be sure to use Schema markup. It allows you to add structured data to your site, which helps search engines better understand your content. When done correctly, Schema markup can lead to the generation of rich snippets in search results, which are also prominent on desktop and mobile searches.

Good SEO isn’t about gimmicks or tricks, its about solid fundamentals, paying attention to detail and remaining focused on the person at the end of the device.
Your potential customer. Keep your website fresh and up to date always giving your users something new to see. Concentrate on a mobile first quality design. Always include at least some images properly alt tagged and make sure your site is at optimal speed performance, running super fast for your users.

And, as always, stay informed and up to date with the latest Google Algorithm Changes to ensure you’re always ahead of changes in the organic SEO landscape and you’ll discover that your SEO can achieve optimal performance.

Raphael Colon
Chief Web and Creative Officer